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Electoral Reforms in India

Updated: May 24

The election process is famously known as the “Festival of Democracy” in India. Elections serve as the edifice of a democratic country. Hence, the electoral process in India has undergone several changes overtime. It can be said that with increasing levels of adversity and newer methods of conducting unfair practices, the country has made corrections to help the process “adapt” to changing times.

Cover of the Electoral Reforms in India Report

Cover by The Geostrata

This ability to reform elections for ensuring fairer and more effective democratic practices enabled by the multiple election reform committees appointed by different governments over a period of 60 years.

The first was formed in 1974 to investigate electoral malpractices and corruption after which sweeping changes were made. Since then, several other committees were commissioned, some remained effective in reforming the system, while the recommendations of others were never implemented.

The Election Reforms Report is an effort by the Covering PM to organise data on these committees since independence. The extensive research by our team is brought to you at a time when India is going through its 17th Lok Sabha Elections and putting forward our analysis with it. It is an honour for our organisation to serve the purpose of facilitating India’s democratic growth and we endeavour to keep supporting the cause of democracy for all times to come.

To download the full report please click the button below -

For all official and academic purposes, use the following as a citation, which follows the Chicago Manual Style.

Anusha Shrivastava Aryaveer Sharma, Aayushi Sharma, Ayush Shukla, et al.

“Electoral Reforms in India.” THE GEOSTRATA, May 21, 2024.




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The report stands very interesting to read and inculcates crucial aspects of electoral reforms over the course of time...highly recommended


Another day of CPM highlighting the important developments which shaped the electoral landscape of our country.


Well researched and beautifully depicted


looking at CPM and its work makes me so proud

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