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Taliban Forked Tongue on Kashmiri Muslims - An Act of Hypocrisy

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

With the Taliban's control over Afghanistan, India has made this stance very clear that Afghan soil should not be used for terror operations. There have been multiple conflicting reports about the Taliban's stance on Kashmir because it would decide the course of action with India and Pakistan.

The Taliban leader said; "There is tyranny in our politics, and we are with Kashmir, but if there is a conflict between the two countries, we would like to resolve the issue through talks and we support the oppressed as well." This is what the Taliban stated in their statement that if there is a conflict it should be resolved using talks only. The interim prime minister of the Taliban Hassan Akhund commented 'that the new government will bring security to Afghans and Muslims around the world and it will end all unrest, killing and humiliation in Afghanistan.'

Earlier there were reports that the Taliban would interfere in Kashmir in May 2020, their spokesperson had denied all of these claims and said that Kashmir is India’s internal affair. However, the statement that has been published about India is not relevant to the Islamic emirate as the policy of the Islamic emirate is clear that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries but cut to September 2021, there was a change in tone as the Taliban spokesperson said "As Muslims, we have the right to raise our voice for Kashmiri Muslims in India or any other country," his statement reveals that they stand for the oppressed everywhere and they believe if there is an existence of a conflict, talks are the main medium to resolve the conflicts.

In the first-ever press conference which was held by the Taliban's foreign minister Amir khan who happens to be on the U.N. listed individuals stated the "Taliban are with the people of Kashmir and everywhere else where there is tyranny or international rule is followed with the conflict between two countries that should be solved through talks".This statement was made by the Taliban leader in the press conference, which appears to be a balancing act and on the prima facie it appears that on one hand they are talking about standing with Kashmir, which looks like they don't want to interfere in the international community because both India and Pakistan are major stakeholders in Afghanistan and India has a lot of investments that the Taliban would want to benefit from.Therefore, this balancing act is being done by the Taliban's foreign minister.

Afghan Soldiers

Therefore, the key takeaways from the conference on the Kashmir policy represent the stance that has been taken by the Taliban on the issue on which they have given the statement in the press conference, which shows that when it comes to the Taliban the answers which were given by the Taliban leader raises many questions. However, the highlights of the press conference were the move of the Taliban to work with the international community as they welcomed their announcement at the Geneva conference, they said they would be speaking for the battle of B listing or Blacklisting and it has no ground. They also mentioned that with regards to elections or the interim government, it is too early to say because they're still in the process and reflects the balancing act of the Taliban.

Talibani soldiers on afghan street

Thus, there are many takeaways from the press conference but one of the highlighted ones being that of Kashmir, second being working having worked with the international community or looking forward to working with the international community with regards to this aid that has been announced and additionally with regards to this black listing that has been done and prime minister emphasis what does that they want good relations.

But at the same time, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid on relations with India said that "Taliban would, after capturing power in Kabul, capture Kashmir from infidels and it is impossible to be friends with India unless the Kashmir dispute is resolved." Therefore, this shows how the Taliban has Forked tongue on Kashmiri Muslims which is an act of pretense and a masquerade of their act of good relations.


Mihir Bhatt

Guest Writer

B.A. Honours History First-year

SGTB Khalsa College

Life is about experiences and I aim to capture these experiences through my work, I am Mihir Bhatt an aspiring writer, designer, and civil service aspirant from SGTB khalsa college who believes in attaining satisfaction in achieving every trivial milestone.

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