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Feminism - Politics of Change & Gender Justice

It is the very basic assessment that gendered conversations and gendered roles have been the basic worldview of human civilization since time immemorial. This brings us to further analysis that there has always been a systematic attempt at denying women the much-needed visibility in the world.

Be it in the professional world, public life or a general sense of affairs, a lackadaisical attitude which is bereft of sensitivity prevails when it comes to dealing with the needs, requirements and rights of women. The answer to this has always been to use Feminism, imbibed with its inherent qualities of equity and equality to tackle, argue and engage with other societal stakeholders in affirmative conversations.

Cover Page of the 'Feminism - Politics of Change and Gender Justice' by The Geostrata

Cover by The Geostrata

Feminism is a socio-political movement and ideology that advocates for equal rights, opportunities, and treatment of all genders, with a particular focus on addressing historical and present-day inequalities faced by women.

The core principles of feminism revolve around challenging and dismantling systemic gender-based discrimination, stereotypes, and oppressive structures that contribute to the marginalisation of women. In some way, society has always felt and emphasised the need for women to latch onto a male identity, whether it be from two centuries ago when women were perceived as weak and submissive or from today when activism and legal frameworks have given women not only the much-needed pedestal in society but also a progressive bundle of rights.

This aforementioned analysis is also a dividend of the fact that women, unlike any other socio-economic or gender class have not been given a fair chance by history with their contributions to any and every field starting from the French Revolution, to sports to science, art and literature, having not been recorded.

This further gives an uncanny chance to the society to undermine and mostly whitewash, the feminine gender as a minimal member of the society. This becomes another lacuna that feminism, not as a political thought, but as a social and cultural movement wishes to amend and address. In the 21st century, feminist theory is appropriate, effective, and highly resourceful. In the past, women have been completely ignored and their voices were shut down, such as in academics, policy-making and becoming leaders.

Feminist research is currently a developing field in the study of women's rights, discussing them and offering information to shed light on them. It also is a dynamic field of study, especially through the prism that concerted efforts are being made to make them a part of the workforce and earning economy.

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For all official and academic purposes, use the following as a citation, which follows the Chicago Manual Style.

Divya Singh. “Feminism - Politics of Change & Gender Justice.” THE GEOSTRATA, March 8, 2023.




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