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Greece and India - Looking Back to See Forward

“To be organized for battle is one of the simplest methods of preserving Peace!” 

- George Washington

In a world that looks increasingly turbulent, and even unhinged, Greece and India enjoy excellent bilateral relations that date back to 1950. Although separated by great geographical distance, Greece and India see eye-to-eye on many diverse issues and are both working earnestly in further expanding their already strong bilateral ties.

An Illustration on Greece-India Relations

Illustration by The Geostrata

While relations between Greece and India have strong economic and commercial components, recent strategic security developments have also highlighted previously semi-dormant areas of common Greek-Indian security interests and concerns.

The impetus for this convergence between Athens and New Delhi emerged from the rapidly growing embrace between Turkey and Pakistan, which promises multi-faceted and potential dangerous destabilization potentialities in the Eastern Mediterranean region. 

Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey has veered off into Islamism and has found a fitting and more than willing, partner in Pakistan. Turkey has succeeded in alienating many in the West but, still European capitals, the NATO alliance, and the United States continue to dangerously overlook the Turkish threat to regional and peace because “Turkey is too big to ignore.” 

Given Turkey’s active role in Hamas-Israel war, its meddling in Libya, its disastrous terrorist role in the West Asia (Middle East (including Syria)), its honeymooning with the Iranian clergy, its hostility all Eastern Mediterranean countries, and its tin-horned “great power” posturing Ankara’s love affair with nuclear-armed Pakistan acquires Orwellian potentialities. 

To boot Erdogan’s brazen “initiative” of sending Islamist terrorists from Syria to Jammu and Kashmir brings Turkey, as a barefaced hostile, directly into India’s domestic affairs. 

In view of these perilous developments, a strengthening Indo-Greece strategic partnership emerges as an urgent initiative indeed. This idea is not new, it emerged as early as 2011 when the two countries agreed to coordinate in battling terrorism and piracy in the Indian Ocean where Greek-owned shipping faced serious risks. 

Greece and India are already discussing closer cooperation in military technology and analysts from the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) suggested an invitation of the Indian Navy to the Mediterranean Sea for joint exercises. 

As Raagini Sharma, RIEAS senior analyst has pointed out” according to Maj Gen. (Dr.) G. D. Bakshi “ the alliance between Greece and India will be able to counter joint Turkish-Pakistan aggression”.

In an interview with Director of RIEAS, Dr. John M Nomikos, Gen Bakshi aforementioned that “Turkey has gone insane, the whole world is not Turkey’s property. Turkey’s support toward terrorism (Hamas – Israel war), Libya, and Syria portrays its inclination towards Khalifat (caliphate), and if it misbehaves there will be costs and consequences. 

Furthermore, the Indian Prime Minister arrived in Athens (23 August 2023) and opened a window for further enhancing business, technology, investment and business as well as security and defence collaboration. Greece can have a significant role to play by cooperating with India’s heavy manufacturing industry, which is looking for a way to the European Union member states through Greece. 

In the security and defence sector, Greece and India have come closer since the Indian Air Force participated for the first time in the multinational air exercise INIOCHOS - 2023 led by the Greek Air Force.

Similarly, the Indian Navy arrived in the Souda Bay (island of Crete) and conducted exercises with the Greek Navy. Greece has been invited by the Indian armed forces to participate in Indian exercises in the Indian-Pacific ocean.

Greece and India have many opportunities to explore in investment, trade, security, intelligence and technology. Greece can improve Indian seamanship both militarily and commercially. On the other side, India can expand collaboration with Greece in the areas of energy security, tourism, healthcare, education, maritime security - intelligence as well as law enforcement throughout the Indo-Pacific region!







Indo-Greece relations have been setting positive examples and testament to changing dynamics, addressing common security concerns and exploring bilateral opportunities.


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