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2024 - The Biggest Election Year in History

In the last few years, the world has witnessed some events that ultimately resulted in hampering democracy. According to Freedom House, a watchdog of the U.S.A., global democracy declined for the 17th consecutive year and raised questions at multiple international forums that "democracy is dead," but the year 2024 may prove all critics wrong. 

An Illustration on 2024 - The Biggest Election Year in History

Illustration by The Geostrata

The year 2024 is all set to make history, as more than 40 countries, or almost half of the globe, are preparing to vote for democracy. Almost all the big economic giants will be on the battlefield in 2024.


2024 is a superbowl of democratic elections and the mother of all election years, where all countries hosting elections in the year 2024 are eager to see results and want to dominate when it comes to democracy



Bangladesh could possibly see its first election in the month of January. Bangladesh general elections are scheduled for early 2024, and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her allies, together called the Awami League (AL), have been in power and dominated Bangladeshi politics for the past 15 years. The Bangladeshi government is also under pressure from the U.S.A. to organise free and fair elections in the country. 


Bangladesh is also very important for India, as both countries share bonds of history, culture, bilateral trade, and its strategic location in Southeast Asia makes it more important for India.

The Bangladesh general elections have a secret tamarind in them that can make the India-U.S. relationship sour. The reason behind this is the stance of both countries; on one side where the U.S.A. is demanding free and fair elections, and on the other side, India, Russia, and China, are saying that an election is an internal matter of any country. 



A country that constantly showed its courage to stand for its sovereignty to the dragon, China. President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-Wen is set to complete her two terms as president, and according to law, she cannot contest for a third term. Now the tussle is between three former mayors for the Presidency of Taiwan. 

The Taiwan elections will be observed for geopolitical consequences. The Taiwan elections will also be crucial for China and the United States of America.

The current ruling party, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is always in favor of the status quo and sovereignty. On the other hand, Kuomintang (KMT) favors sharing closer links with the People's Republic of China.  


India and Taiwan, two of the fairest democracies in Asia, have shared strong bilateral ties since the 1990s. Trades in fields of information and technology, energy, telecommunication, and electronics. 



Pakistan, a country whose prime ministers were unable to complete their full term in office. Constitutionally, it was scheduled to host general elections in August 2023, but was unable to do so. The next general election is scheduled to commence in early 2024. 


Under India's 'Neighbourhood First Policy', India seeks a normal relationship with Pakistan. The history of unstable Pakistani politics is not new. Although there has been a tussle amongst various parties, coalitions, and the army, and the intelligence agency's (ISI) involvement in politics have made the conditions worse for the nation. And the result of this tug of war is an economic crisis in the country.  



14 February 2024, is the day when more than 200 million eligible voters are set to make history by casting ballots, making this election the world's largest direct presidential election. 


The Indonesian elections are all "about the future of democracy and the political culture of Indonesia," said the Indonesian political researcher Muhammad Waffa Karisma.


The India-Indonesia relationship has been long and trust-worthy, the cooperation between two countries in various fields such as trade, cultural exchange, and political relationships has been good for decades. Indonesia is the second-largest trade partner of India in the ASEAN grouping.



The Mexican presidential elections of 2024 are all the way down to making a mark in history. For the first time in history, Mexico has a record-high voter list and candidates who are contesting.

But one question is arising in the Mexican elections: "Will Mexico have its first female President in 2024?" Both the opposition and ruling party have announced their female presidential candidates for 2024. 


The relations between India and Mexico are friendly, and they share warm ties with each other. The cooperation strategies between India and Mexico are very strong, and the growing bilateral trade between the countries is a sign of growing trust and reliance. Mexico was the first country to recognise India as a free nation after its independence. 



June 6th-9th; this is the date scheduled for the election for the presidential seat in the European Union. The European Union elections will set a unique record as the world's biggest cross-border elections, in which almost 400 million voters will use their voting rights.

The European Union elections are also very crucial from the perspective of environment and climate change, as the future of the European Green Deal and all their climate policies are at stake.


The EU's elections are the second largest voting festival after India. And a question is how and who enjoys the presidential seat. The election of the European Union will be a watchout; the only reason is the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The ongoing war is almost two years old and will play a crucial role for the Presidency. 


The EU-India cooperation agreement of 1994 emphasizes the relationship with a main focus on political, economic, and sectoral cooperation. The year 2004 set a new mark on relations when both countries signed a strategic partnership and took a step ahead with future possibilities in various fields. 



November 5 is the date when the world will hold its breath and take a deep interest in the USA's general elections. The presidential seat of the superpower is at stake. The candidates for the presidential seat are not less in number but are overshadowed by two candidates who were the main competitors back in 2020: current President and former President Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump. 


The relationship between the U.S. and India has taken a new and strong turn in the 21st century. This growing relationship is one of the most strategic partnerships in the world. The U.S. supports the new emerging India as a global and vital power collaborating in the promotion of peace, stability, sovereignty, security, and technology.

If Donald Trump wins the election in 2024, the stance of the U.S.A. will be a scene to watch over the current scenarios of China-Taiwan, Russia-Ukraine, China-Philippines, and so on. 



Democracy may be easier to start but tough to maintain; South Africa's next election may prove this. The transition of South Africa from apartheid to a functioning democracy is not less than a miracle.

The last few years have not been too good for democracy in South Africa. The government has failed to deliver. And under the new electoral rules, the next elections are all set, waiting for dates to be announced. The country is struggling to recover from COVID-19 effects and Russia-Ukraine war impacts. 


South Africa and India share many similarities with each other, linking with freedom struggles, movements against racism, and many others. A unique and fundamental relationship based on trust and cultural history. The bilateral trade between the two nations stands at around 17 billion dollars, and they are willing to increase the statistics in the future. 



Is Vladimir Putin winning? A big question in the world, as the lawmakers of the country have set the date of march 17, 2024, for the presidential election. Putin is confident of making the government for the 5th term. Amidst the chaos of war with Ukraine for two years, President Putin may again sit in the president's seat. 


The India-Russia partnership is long-lasting and time-tested. The steady relationship is ever-growing and ever-strong. The strategic partnership is growing at a rapid rate, withcooperation in many important fields.


2024 is the year in which general elections are scheduled in India, and the current ruling party is preparing hard to get their third consecutive term. The opposition alliance is preparing to upset the results in 2024. 




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