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Geostrategic Outlook 2024

The year 2023 presented itself with many opportunities and clashes. From India’s successful presidency of the G20 grouping to the expansion of the BRICS grouping under the presidency of South Africa, and from the War of Attrition in eastern Europe to Hamas’ cowardice attack on October 7, 2023, was filled with many such crises.

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As we have finally entered 2024, the world around us gets more complex, with conflicts and competition roaming across the globe. Divided into five segments, this outlook aims to guide our readers on plausible geostrategic and geopolitical scenario expectations in 2024.

The first chapter looks into how 2023 augmented India’s indigenous defence production capabilities, along with exploring possibilities of defence procurement and delivery in 2024 and beyond. The next chapter, underscoring the importance of the technological age, explores the possibilities for technological developments in 2024. It looks into, from India’s perspective, topics concerning chatbots to defence tech and from cooperation in the tech sector to joint development and exploration of technology between like-minded democracies.

The United States naval officer and historian Alfred Thayer Mahan rightfully observed, “Naval strategy is as necessary in peace as in war,” in other words, the road to peace on land flows through peaceful oceans.

With the US-China competition advancing into what strategists now call Cold War 2.0, or the New Cold War between both countries, the Indo-Pacific becomes instrumental in the establishment of global peace and the promotion of a rule-based order. The third chapter, highlighting recent developments in the Indo-Pacific region, especially in the Pacific Ocean, explores how the actions of North Korea and China, along with those of the Philippines and other key players, can affect the global balance of power.

The fourth chapter highlights the implications of global elections from a strategic perspective. The oldest, largest, and most popular democracies, which are the USA, India, and the UK, respectively, are going to the polls next year.

This chapter examines how potential outcomes can further reshape international order. The final and concluding chapter elicits a prospectus for peace in the most chaotic regions at this moment: West Asia and Eastern Europe. Overall, the outlook strives to give the readers important geostrategic anticipation for the events and occurrences in the year ahead.

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For all official and academic purposes, use the following as a citation, which follows the Chicago Manual Style.

Darshan Gajjar, Nandini Goyal, Ayush Shukla, Digvijay Singh, Sourishree Ghosh, and Anusha Shrivastava. “Geostrategic Outlook 2024.” THE GEOSTRATA, February 2, 2023.




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Jay Kalra
Jay Kalra
Feb 02

The Geostrategic Outlook by The Geostrata. 5 Chapters with wide expectations and implications.

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